{Giveaway} James Edward Scherbarth Art and Design

Inspiration can come from so many places. There are very few people I’ve met in life that can turn those inspirations into visual masterpieces, but James Scherbarth is one of them. I’m so happy to introduce everyone to his art and designs. James’ work provides just the touch you might need to tie a room together or an outfit! He has been generous enough to provide us with a giveaway this week. So don’t miss out and enter today! (Details below)

1. Give us a quick bio: Born & raised in Minneapolis,MN; Downers Grove, IL; Atlanta, GA and St Clair, MI.  All that travel gave me the bug so today traveling is one of my favorite pastimes.  It exposed me to so much and introduced me to people from all walks of life and cultures.  I’m also a Vietnam veteran. That experience derailed my intentions to go to art school and to teach, so I wound up “making a living” in telecommunications – traveling and teaching.  After a number of years in the corporate world it was time to do something new, so I came back to the arts.  When not busy making art I serve on two Boards of Directors – one for the Burnsville Visual Arts Society and one for Veterans in the Arts.  I am extremely proud of and gratified by my work in both organizations but particularly with the Veterans group.  I have a large wonderful family (I’m the oldest of seven) spread across the continental US – more travel opportunities.

2. Have you always been interested in the arts?: Always – since I was a young child.  I like making things with my hands, creating something from nothing.  I always had tremendous encouragement from my parents and from a wonderful art teacher early on.

3. Where does your inspiration come from?: Nature – textures, patterns, colors. Language, words, quotes and stories.  I derive inspiration from many sources.  I am particularly drawn to patinas; the marks and layers wrought by time and natural forces.  Think: lichens and moss on rocks, weathered copper, rust, peeling paint, old wood…etc.  Fellow artists that I am meeting and working with also are an important influence on my development and perception of my work.

4. You dabble in lots of different art, what is your favorite?: I currently work in oil+wax painting (also acrylics and mixed media), digital montages and art jewelry.  I am constantly photographing images for use in the digital montages or just as a reference for my other work.  I have self-published two books Echoes Off The Wall (Oaxacan Photos) and Digital Daydreams 1.0 (digital montages).  As far as a favorite art form – it would the one that I am working in at any given moment.   Today it has been oil+wax; tomorrow it will be art jewelry as I have a deadline to meet.  Don’t ask me to choose ‘cuz I love‘m all!

5. Any words of wisdom for our readers?  I will share with you a mantra and a signature that I am fond of and use constantly myself.  The mantra is: Now, Today, Don’t Wait Anymore. And the signature is: Be Well, Be Creative.

6. How can we obtain your work? Currently inquiries regarding availability, pricing & shipping for art or jewelry found on my website www.jamesedwardscherbarth.com should be emailed to me at jes@jamesedwardscherbarth.com. I should soon be announcing a partnership with an online art platform to present my 2D artworks and my art jewelry. Once established that will provide a quick and easy eCommerce option.


James is giving away one of two options for us this week: Either an autographed copy of his “little red book” entitled Just Three Words OR a signed print of his oil + wax abstract landscape Sedona (print size approx. 6.5×6.5 on 8.5×11 archival paper). Simply visit www.jamesedwardscherbarth.com and view his work. Leave us a comment telling us your favorite piece. The winner will be chosen at random. The winner will be announced Friday, July 29th. For an extra vote, Like Us on Facebook! Good luck!

Just Three Words by James Edward Scherbarth


If you live in the Minneapolis area and would like to see James’ work, visit The Great Frame-Up in Burnsville, MN. Selected items from his Timeless Layers collection will be on display through August 11.



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18 responses to “{Giveaway} James Edward Scherbarth Art and Design

  1. Hello from Downers Grove!

  2. Mary Dargene

    Love his Contemporary HAPPENSTANCE Images. Mary from Rockford

  3. Lynn

    Hmm, for me it’s a tie between Meadow, Playa and Incognitus. I must be into orange right now (must be the heat).

  4. I love the art jewelry! I’ve never heard it described using that term before, but that’s exactly what it is. I am into jewelry design, and all of the artist’s pieces are simply inspiring! My favorite is on the sold designs page, first row, second column.

  5. Mar

    What a fantastic giveaway! I loved reading about his inspiration and journey as an artist. His website is full of beautiful things! I am especially drawn to his oil & wax Birch. I was born in upstate New York and have childhood memories playing under these beautiful trees and peeling their papery bark.

  6. Kelly

    Wow!! Fantastic work by a fantastic artist!! Im in love with his Incongnitus piece and know exactly where to put it in my house if I were to win!!!!!

  7. I love his humpback whale photography! And I like HAP on facebook!

  8. Jade

    Very tranquil. I like “puesta del sol” the best, I think.

  9. rileymkt

    Lineage is beautiful. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for bringing Scherbarth’s artwork to my attention.

  10. My favorite is Red, a 12×12″ oil and wax painting–thanks for the contest! –Rebecca Crowell, Osseo,WI

  11. Katie

    I love “Heartland (Heartache) because it reminds me of a Door County landscape.

  12. Rae Henderson

    I like Tybee. It reminds my of my horse field during the winter up in Aurora, MN.

  13. Katie

    I really like puesta del sol and Summer Field. Beautiful color.

  14. WOW…so many awesome pieces and to pick a favorite is very hard! I have to say that Sedona is my FAV…grew up in Scottsdale, but use to spend vacation time in the most gorgeous place….Sedona. Also, I spent 3 years in Minneapolis too. His work is great and I love all the abstract art and colors!

  15. Lindsay

    I already LIKE you on Facebook! I have to say I LOVE the unique jewelry…. all of it!

  16. traci

    I love the digital photagraphy…especial the pictures with cardinals in them. ~Beautiful~

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