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{Giveaway} James Edward Scherbarth Art and Design

Inspiration can come from so many places. There are very few people I’ve met in life that can turn those inspirations into visual masterpieces, but James Scherbarth is one of them. I’m so happy to introduce everyone to his art and designs. James’ work provides just the touch you might need to tie a room together or an outfit! He has been generous enough to provide us with a giveaway this week. So don’t miss out and enter today! (Details below)

1. Give us a quick bio: Born & raised in Minneapolis,MN; Downers Grove, IL; Atlanta, GA and St Clair, MI.  All that travel gave me the bug so today traveling is one of my favorite pastimes.  It exposed me to so much and introduced me to people from all walks of life and cultures.  I’m also a Vietnam veteran. That experience derailed my intentions to go to art school and to teach, so I wound up “making a living” in telecommunications – traveling and teaching.  After a number of years in the corporate world it was time to do something new, so I came back to the arts.  When not busy making art I serve on two Boards of Directors – one for the Burnsville Visual Arts Society and one for Veterans in the Arts.  I am extremely proud of and gratified by my work in both organizations but particularly with the Veterans group.  I have a large wonderful family (I’m the oldest of seven) spread across the continental US – more travel opportunities.

2. Have you always been interested in the arts?: Always – since I was a young child.  I like making things with my hands, creating something from nothing.  I always had tremendous encouragement from my parents and from a wonderful art teacher early on.

3. Where does your inspiration come from?: Nature – textures, patterns, colors. Language, words, quotes and stories.  I derive inspiration from many sources.  I am particularly drawn to patinas; the marks and layers wrought by time and natural forces.  Think: lichens and moss on rocks, weathered copper, rust, peeling paint, old wood…etc.  Fellow artists that I am meeting and working with also are an important influence on my development and perception of my work.

4. You dabble in lots of different art, what is your favorite?: I currently work in oil+wax painting (also acrylics and mixed media), digital montages and art jewelry.  I am constantly photographing images for use in the digital montages or just as a reference for my other work.  I have self-published two books Echoes Off The Wall (Oaxacan Photos) and Digital Daydreams 1.0 (digital montages).  As far as a favorite art form – it would the one that I am working in at any given moment.   Today it has been oil+wax; tomorrow it will be art jewelry as I have a deadline to meet.  Don’t ask me to choose ‘cuz I love‘m all!

5. Any words of wisdom for our readers?  I will share with you a mantra and a signature that I am fond of and use constantly myself.  The mantra is: Now, Today, Don’t Wait Anymore. And the signature is: Be Well, Be Creative.

6. How can we obtain your work? Currently inquiries regarding availability, pricing & shipping for art or jewelry found on my website should be emailed to me at I should soon be announcing a partnership with an online art platform to present my 2D artworks and my art jewelry. Once established that will provide a quick and easy eCommerce option.


James is giving away one of two options for us this week: Either an autographed copy of his “little red book” entitled Just Three Words OR a signed print of his oil + wax abstract landscape Sedona (print size approx. 6.5×6.5 on 8.5×11 archival paper). Simply visit and view his work. Leave us a comment telling us your favorite piece. The winner will be chosen at random. The winner will be announced Friday, July 29th. For an extra vote, Like Us on Facebook! Good luck!

Just Three Words by James Edward Scherbarth


If you live in the Minneapolis area and would like to see James’ work, visit The Great Frame-Up in Burnsville, MN. Selected items from his Timeless Layers collection will be on display through August 11.


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Cookies for a Cause!

At HAP, we do a lot of baking in general but this week we’ll be putting some extra love and care into our cookies.  This Saturday we’ll be donating Katie’s Almond M&M Cookies, Stef’s Lemon Ginger Tea Snowballs and Anne’s Oatmeal Carmelita bars (recipe coming soon!) to the Milwaukee Cookies for Kids’ Cancer bake sale. Since all of us have been touched by a friend or loved one with cancer, we can’t think of a better reason for baking or a better cause to be involved with.

The event will feature tons of goodies made by local food bloggers, bakers, and celebrity chefs, plus a silent auction featuring items donated by local businesses. All proceeds go to support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, a non-profit organization committed to raising funds to support research for new and improved therapies for pediatric cancers.

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Bake Sale & Silent Auction – Milwaukee
Saturday, May 21, 2011
1 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Best Place At The Historic Pabst Brewery
901 W. Juneau Ave.

So if you’re roaming around downtown Milwaukee this weekend, swing by the event to pick up an afternoon snack or two for a great cause!

For more info or to donate if you can’t make it, head over to the #MKE Foodies blog page or the event donation page.

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Lucky Grilled Cheese winners!

Happy Friday!  We have some exciting news for FIVE lucky HAP readers today who will soon be the proud new owners of Grilled Cheese,Please! cookbooks!  Congrats to Aimee, EmNey, Elizabeth, Dana & Jamieliz!

Check out their favorite recipes:
Aimee – Extra sharp cheddar slices, ripe tomato and thick crispy bacon! Yum!
EmNey – Sharp cheddar with avocado slices and crispy bacon!
Elizabeth – Grilled Cheese: minor obsession. Simple. Butter both sides of the bread. (Thank you, husband for this technique.) Shredded cheddar cheese on both sides of the bread. (It melts like a dream. The sharper the cheddar, the better the cheddar.) Ham, lightly crisped in the pan. (Thank you, husband.) And at the very last minute, crisp green apples sliced thin. (That’s right, right into the middle of the sandwich.) Hallelujah!
Dana – Sharp cheddar on sourdough bread. Add tomatoes and avocado if handy. But the classic is still the best to me. And I pretty much can’t eat it unless I have tomato soup to dunk it in. Like a previous post said….I have made it with mayo on the outside (back in college) and it was to die for. I have since moved back to butter to save a bit on calories…but am sometimes still tempted.
Jamieliz – Love grilled cheese with a nice slice of fresh tomato inside!

Thanks to everyone for entering and sharing your grilled cheese recipes.  Our mouths are watering!!

The winners were picked at random using a random generator from


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{Giveaway!} Grilled Cheese, Please! Cookbooks

*** This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating! ***

We just can’t help it.  We’re out of control with giveaways this month!  This week HAP and our friends at the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board are giving away FIVE copies of Grilled Cheese, Please! by James Beard Award-winning author, Laura Werlin.

Grilled Cheese, Please! features 50 new recipes including nostalgic favorites, modern twists and ethnic ingredient combos. Werlin’s idea of grilled cheese extends way beyond your basic “two-slices-of-bread-and-some-cheese” to creative sandwiches that include everything from prosciutto to pears to potato chips. So get your spatula ready for flipping and test out her intriguing grilled cheese creations:

Enter to Win!

To win one of our five copies, leave a comment telling us your favorite way to make a grilled cheese OR the best grilled cheese sandwich you ever ate.
Want a bonus entry or two?
1. “Like” HAP on Facebook and let us know.
2. Tweet a link to the giveaway on HAP and be sure to let us know your Twitter handle so we can check it out!

Even if you don’t win, you can still celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month and head over to check out more grilled cheese recipes at


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And the winner is…

Happy Earth day to all! To honor Mother Earth, today we are announcing the giveaway winner of the Organic Valley products for a year.

So….Congratulations to HAP reader Michelle of who said, “Going to look into the CSA because I JUST found out there is a drop off program on the campus where I work! Also – hit up the numerous farmers markets – you can find one almost every single day in Sunny San Diego!! Love your blog – just found you recently and am your new biggest fan!”

Thanks to everyone for entering and sharing your plans with us on how you plan to eat local. Join us next week for yet another fabulous giveaway!

The winner was picked at random using a generator from

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{Giveaway!} A Year of Organic Valley Products

*** This giveaway is now closed.  Thanks for participating! ***

Today we have an awesome giveaway from an equally awesome company, Organic Valley, an organic dairy cooperative which started in Wisconsin and is now the number one provider of organic milk in the nation.

In honor of Earth Day this week and Organic Valley’s general philosophy on food, they invited us to be a part of their Earth Dinner initiative.  The idea behind Earth Dinner is to get people thinking and talking about eating locally produced foods, centered around a meal where as many ingredients as possible are locally sourced.   Since 2004, Earth Dinner meals have spread to include college campuses, restaurants and individual families hosting Earth Dinners.

The awesome folks at Organic Valley are giving away a package that contains everything you would need to host your own Earth Dinner:
1) Coupons for One Year’s Worth of Free Organic Valley Products (a $520 value!)
2) 4 Earth Dinner Books
3) A reusable, packable shopping bag for carrying your bounty

Pretty covetable stuff! Just the idea of the Earth Dinner has us itching to get into our gardens and out to the farmers market to pick up local produce and dreaming of desserts that involve homemade whipped cream…because, seriously, Organic Valley’s heavy whipping cream is hands down the best we’ve found.  Try it on any of our pies, cobblers or other treats!

Belgian Shortbread with Whipped Cream

Ideas to get inspired and get involved:
Whether you’re the lucky winner or not, there are lots of ways to get involved in the Earth Dinner project and also easy ways to eat more locally sourced food this spring. Check out the links below for ideas:
Plan an Earth Dinner at Home
Check out Organic Valley’s Recipes – including Earth Dinner ideas, spring produce specialties, potluck & tailgate winners and gluten free options
Eat at a local restaurant hosting an Earth Dinner

Enter to Win!

First, show your support by heading over to “like” Earth Dinner on Facebook. Next, leave a comment below sharing one new thing you plan to do this year to eat more local food so that we can pick a winner!

The contest is now closed. 


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{Giveaway!} Double Dose of Pet Accessories

***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries***
And the winner is…Emily and her yellow lab, Murray, who will soon be sporting the Scout Tag and either the blue/brown harlequin pattern ribbon collar or the football collar – depending on if Emily let’s her husband make the pick or not! Congratulations!
(Winner chosen using

Today we have fun double dose giveaway for all you pet owners out there!  With all the blasé collars and ugly machine-made pet tags to be found at chain pet stores, Etsy turns out to be chock full of stylish options!  We featured some of our favorites in last year’s holiday gift guide – including the fabulous sequined collars made by Jen from RogueCollars and the super chic ID tags made by Tessa from MakeYourDogSmile.

One lucky reader will win a pet collar of their choice from Rogue Collars and a personalized pet ID tag of their choice from MakeYourDogSmile. Read on to meet these two crafty pet lovers and for details on how to win!

sequined dog collar by Rogue Collarsstylish dog ID tag

Name: Jen
Etsy store:
Dogs or Cats?: definitely dogs, but I love all animals
Favorite breed?: Great Danes and Boxers (of course), as well as Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs and Dogue de Bordeaux (like Hooch in Turner & Hooch!)
Your pet(s): Rogue, 5, a Boxer, and Storm, 3, a Great Dane (yes, they are named after X-Men characters!)
Pet smooches – great OR gross?: great, just not on the mouth.  My dogs have learned to give me kisses under my chin.  🙂
Other crafty hobbies?: My latest have been just making additions to the dog collar line – including leashes and key fobs. Otherwise, I enjoy working on my wedding scrapbook.  It’s been a long drawn out process…I’ve been married 7.5 years and it’s still not done!  🙂
I started my Etsy shop because: Storm was in the typical puppy chewing phase and her latest fad was chewing collars.  She literally chewed a collar off of herself, as well as chewing collars off of Rogue too.  I got tired of buying new ones so I found a pattern online, bought a sewing machine and haven’t looked back!
Day-time gig besides Etsy?: I’m a nerd by day, as I work in IT for a large company, supporting their email environment.
Leader of the pack or wrapped around their paws?: Definitely leader of the pack – I trained both of the girls, so they follow me everywhere and obey me over my hubby!  But, on some occasions, I have to say, Rogue can be quite the princess…  I’ve taught her how to say “mom” (yes, literally), and she has learned to use it when she wants something.  How can you refuse a dog’s request when they call you by name?!  🙂
Rogue Collars

Name: Tessa
Etsy store: and for people things
Dogs or Cats?: Dogs
Favorite breed?: Labrador Retreiver
Your pet(s): Hollie, black lab; Sofia, Westie; Ryder, mini Australian shepherd
Pet smooches – great OR gross?: Kinda gross, but it’s the thought that counts!
Leader of the pack or wrapped around their paws?: Leader of the pack! My husband is a different story!
Other crafty hobbies?: Refinishing antique junque, painting
I started my Etsy shop because: I had been making and selling at craft shows and one day I saw a mention of Etsy in a magazine.  I set up shop the same day.
Day-time gig besides Etsy?: Not anymore.  I was previously a high school Spanish teacher and also have a Master’s degree in technical communication.
Make Your Dog Smile Etsy

Enter to Win!

To win, just pop over to RogueCollars and MakeYourDogSmile to look for your favorites. Leave a comment telling us your pet’s name and which collar and ID tag you would pick for them!
Bonus! Get an extra entry by “liking” HAP on Facebook!


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{Giveaway} The Meat Lover’s Meatless Cookbook

***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries***

And the winner is…Alicia whose favorite meatless meal is “veggie lasagna, heavy on the veggies.”  Congratulations!


I always find myself trying to cook at least 2 meatless meals per week even though nobody in my family is a vegetarian.  There are so many benefits to cooking meatless:  the meals are usually less expensive, it provides less strain on the environment and can help minimize your carbon foot print.  Best of all, meatless meals can also open your mind to a variety of new foods you never thought to try!

When my husband and I were first married he let out a small groan when he heard we were eating a meatless meal that night.  He is a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy and thought that a meal without meat would never be able to fill him up.  That is why I was so happy when I came across this cookbook, The Meat Lover’s Meatless Cookbook by Kim O’Donnel.  It is full of hearty and delicious recipes that both meat lovers and carnivorous will enjoy.

The cook book is loaded with delicious recipes that leave your meat lover satisfied.

This week, we are giving away one copy of this fabulous book to one of our readers!  To enter, just leave a comment below telling us your favorite meatless meal.  We’ll select a winner by random on Thursday afternoon!

Good Luck!


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{Giveaway!} Permanent Baggage Wristlet

I am SUPER excited to have local Milwaukee artist, Kamryn Kay Boelk, from Permanent Baggage sharing some amazing stuff with us today.  I stumbled across Kamryn Kay’s handmade bags last summer at a local Gallery Night and have been coveting them ever since.  Besides being stylish and one-of-a-kind, all her bags are made with 98% repurposed or recycled materials.

Today, one lucky winner will snag an Eco Chic wristlet of their choice from her Etsy shop!  Read on for more about what inspires Kamryn Kay and directions on how to enter!

a. Give us your one minute bio.
Born in the small town of Oakfield, WI, I was raised by a hard working farm family who instilled the importance of a good work ethic, value of a job well done, and encouraged my interest in art and learning. After attending the University of Wisconsin Fond du Lac and then graduating from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, I began my business, Permanent Baggage, a line of eco-friendly handbags and accessories.

b. What made you decide to start your own business and how did you get it going?
Permanent Baggage began as a public art project my senior year at MIAD. The intention was to create awareness about overconsumption and its effects on the environment by providing an eco-friendly alternative to plastic grocery bags. The idea was to create a whole bunch of reusable grocery sacks, heap them into a pile in the middle of a public park, and just give them away to people. Sadly, the project never really got off the ground. I quickly realized that creating a ” heaping pile” took a whole heap of time! But there was interest in my bags, and the mission behind it, so I continued to dabble in the venture.

Turning Permanent Baggage into a business has been a slow build. After school I worked a full-time job that wasn’t very fulfilling but paid the bills and allowed me to make my bags on the side. They evolved from reusable grocery sacks to haute eco-friendly handbags and I started getting into art shows and consignment boutiques. When the recession hit, I found myself unemployed so I made more bags, applied to more art shows, and set up an Etsy shop. After months of endless job applications and unsuccessful interviews, I was feeling pretty discouraged about finding “work”. Then one day I decided to give up trying to find a crutch job that would be there just in case I didn’t have the guts to see this through and I took the leap of faith. I met up with Mary Gordon – a fantastic local graphic designer who helped me with my branding, organized my mission statement, legally organized Permanent Baggage into an L.L.C., and set to work. I’m now in seven consignment locations, display at numerous fairs through out the year, have an online shop, and plans to grow!

c. Three things that inspire you:
1. Nature – I’m deeply inspired by and have a great respect for nature. I think because of the bags’ repurposed nature they inherently give props to the earth but I also try to sneak it in through their titles or embellishments.
2. The Artist Lifestyle – I’m driven by the desire to live an artist’s lifestyle – the freedom and joy of being able to do what you love.
3. Repurposed Materials – I’m always working with something new and exciting, whether a fantastic piece of vintage French lace, a gritty gray jumper from the 80’s, or cobalt blue leather scraps. Color, texture, and story are my great loves and the constant change of materials keeps my work fresh and interesting.

d. What’s in your tool kit?
My number one tool is my MacBook! Whether answering emails, listening to music, or editing photos, it’s next to me 90% of the time. I couldn’t live without my favorite coffee mug by Jessie Schroeder-Voss. And also my Omni-Grid and rotary cutter – nothing like a good precise cut.

e. What other DIY/crafty things do you do?
I made handmade paper boxes for Atomic Chocolates, a local chocolate artisan. I made molds to cast the paper pulp into so I could easily fold and assemble the boxes without doing a lot of cutting. The hand-molded dried paper was embellished with sewing stitches, lace, satin, bows, and a card. They were these perfect little packages. I really enjoyed making them and the delicious rewards.

Enter to Win!

To enter, simply check out the Permanent Baggage Etsy shop and then leave a comment here telling us which wristlet is your favorite. We’ll select a winner at random on Friday. Good luck!


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We’ve been nominated!

Thank you to our loyal readers for submitting Haute Apple Pie for the 2011 Homies awards from Apartment Therapy – we’ve been added to the ticket! We are one of ten nominees for Best Food Blog. Voting is open through February 3rd. Click here to vote!

And don’t forget to comment for your chance to win a fabulous cheese basket. Today is the last day to enter!


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