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{DIY} Rustic Monogrammed Wreath

Perhaps you can blame the lingering cool weather on me. Up until this week, I had yet to take my winter wreath off of my front door. This was mostly because I didn’t have anything to replace it with. So with a little trip to JoAnn, I bought a few materials for less than $15 that will take my front door through the warmer months.

I still incorporated the yarn that I loved from my winter wreath, but added more of a rustic element using a sage colored burlap. Super easy!

What you need:
1 yard of burlap
1 12 inch foam wreath form
1 package of yarn
1 wooden letter
chipboard letters
straight pins

1. Start by cutting a few strips of burlap, about 3-4 inches thick.

2. Wrap the burlap around the wreath form, holding it in place with a few stick pins as you pull it tightly around the form.

3. Wrap yarn around the wooden letter. Depending on the shape, this can be tricky in spots (like the bottoms of the W) but you should be able to move the yarn around to cover up any open spots.

4. Put 2-3 stick pins through the yarn on the back of the letter and insert the pins into the form.

5. Wrap yarn around the wreath form until you are pleased with look.

6. Using chipboard letters, spell out your last name and affix letters to the wreath using a small dab of Krazy Glue.

7. Either hang the wreath on a door hanger, straight to a nail, or twist a little floral wire into a loop and affix it to the back of the wreath with a pin.

Here’s to warmer days!



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Best Haute Posts of 2010

2010, what a great year it’s been! We are so grateful to have shared this past year with you. We’ve learned so much and plan to use that knowledge to bring you bigger, better ideas in 2011.

So to bid 2010 adieu, we thought we would leave your (and our) favorites:

Top 10 Posts of 2010

10. Babies, babies, babies! With the arrival of Lincoln James this year, Stef was lucky enough to experience these two fabulous baby showers: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! and the Bird’s Nest Baby Shower

9. Two words: goat cheese. Mix it up with Anne’s Goat Cheese, Apple and Pine Nut Pizza.

8. No need to spend mega bucks buying a wreath for your door. Katie’s Fall Berry Wreath or Stef’s Winter Sweater Wreath provide a great look on the cheap.

7. Who knew brussel sprouts were so hot right now? Braised Brussel Sprouts with Bacon.

6. Kiddos love the Pink and Brown Ladybug Party and the Campfire Birthday Party.

5. Apparently everyone is asking at parties around the country: Have you tried the grape salad?

4. Move over Pottery Barn. DIY Moss Topiary for a fraction of the cost.

3. Wedding bells took over June on Haute Apple Pie with a Naughty and Nice Bachelorette Party and a Summertime Lemonade Shower.

2. As featured with our friends over at Foodpress.com: Chicken and Black Bean Chili

1. We have some eager to learn readers. Katie’s How to: Refinish a Dresser and Anne’s How to: Painting Kitchen Cabinets (as seen on Freshly Pressed) were a big hit!


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